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ShortsTV Expands to India with Tata Sky

International recognition for Indian talent


International recognition for Indian talent



Shorts International has launched ShortsTV in India banking on the country’s rich history in short movies which have been responsible for putting many Indian directors and actors on the map and generating many millions of viewers.

The strategic move by Shorts International into one of the world’s biggest markets for short film entertainment content, follows its success in the US, Europe and, most recently, Latin America.

ShortsTV is launched with Tata Sky, India’s largest content distribution platform with millions of subscribers.

With a growing library of over 5,000 titles, including Oscar and other award-winning live action, animated and documentary shorts, Shorts International is poised to deliver a world-class entertainment experience for short movies in India.

Shorts International is also committed to bringing more short films into the mainstream film arena and is actively looking for partners to generate more original content.

ShortsTV further intends to launch its new machine-learning app in India. Already available in the Netherlands, the first-of-its-kind short film app gives viewers the power to create their own movie channels based on their favorite genres and their mood.

Carter Pilcher, Chief Executive Officer of Shorts International and member of the Academy of Motion Pictures, commented: “The short form entertainment revolution is sweeping across the globe; but nowhere is the appetite for bite-size entertainment content, delivered across multiple platforms, more prevalent than in India.

“The scale of this market makes this expansion of significant strategic importance for our company and for short movies as a whole. India has a rich history in short movies which have been responsible for putting many Indian film makers and actors on the map.

“We are proud to be working in partnership with Tata Sky, the leading content distribution platform in India, to create a massive entertainment opportunity for an audience of potentially millions.”

Arun Unni, Chief Content Officer of Tata Sky, said: “As viewing habits evolve, short films have seen a huge surge in popularity across the world, including in India.

“Increasingly, prominent filmmakers and actors are using this creative medium to tell wonderful stories being watched by millions on the internet.

“However, there hasn’t been a single curated destination for the Indian consumer to watch this content. ‘Tata Sky Shorts TV’ aims to be that destination where a curated selection of 2,000+ of the World’s best short films can be enjoyed on a 24X7 basis.”

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