Network: 298 Cold Chain Projects

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) has sanctioned 39 Mega Food Parks and 298 Integrated Cold Chain Projects throughout the country to fill in the gaps across the value chain and establishing the Cold Chain Grid.

Rameswar Teli, Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, gave this update in parliament on 4 Feb 2020.

The MoFPI is focusing on building cold chain infrastructure across the country, for seamless transfer of perishables from production to consumption areas, through the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY).
These comprises of component schemes namely:
(i) Integrated Cold Chain and Value Addition Infrastructure,
(ii) Mega Food Park,
(iii) Creation of Backward & Forward Linkages,
(iv) Creation/ Expansion of Food Processing and Preservation Capacities
(v) Agro Processing Clusters and
(vi) Operation Greens. These schemes aim at arresting post-harvest losses of horticulture and non-horticulture produce by encouraging the creation of cold storages, primary processing, and transportation facilities across the country.


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