Recent data localization laws drive market




Austin’s GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) high quality immersion-cooling products, including ICEraQ™, ICEtank™, HashRaQ™, and HashTank™ to the Indian data center market, which is one of the largest in the Asia Pacific Region.

GRC has formed a partnership with Prasa, a leading provider of data center and mission critical infrastructure solutions based in Pune to bring its products to India.

With new requirements for more robust IT infrastructure through data localization, ample real estate, human capital and the proliferation of mobile devices, India’s data center market is predicted to continue its significant growth, said GRC on 6 August 2019.

A report by Cushman and Wakefield predicts that digital data in India will reach up to 2.3 million petabytes by 2020; growing at twice the global rate.

Additionally, it was recently reported that Hewlett Packard Enterprise plans to invest US$500 million in India while increasing its workforce by 20%, and last month, Indian mega conglomerates announced over US$12 billion in data center investments within the next seven years.

“Driven by the recent data localization laws and the Digital India campaign, the Indian data center market is rapidly becoming one of the largest in the APAC region,” said GRC CEO Peter Poulin, announcing the Prasa partnership.

“However, the rapid growth combined with new-age applications such as AI, 5G, Edge, and the growing popularity of cloud solutions, present new challenges for data center operators,” he noted.

“We are confident that with our technology and Prasa’s expertise, we will be able to deliver robust solutions to help customers cut costs and better navigate the upcoming changes,” Poulin assured.

In addition to the challenges of keeping up with the rapid growth in demand, Indian data center operators are often faced with challenges related to the availability of space and power, as well as the reliability of IT equipment in unforgiving environments.

GRC’s immersion cooling solutions promise to alleviate these concerns by cutting space and power utilization in half while improving hardware reliability by protecting servers from air-borne contaminants, oxygen, moisture, and hence corrosion.

GRC is the immersion cooling authority. The company’s patented immersion cooling technology radically simplifies deployment of data center cooling infrastructure. By eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, air handlers, humidity controls and other conventional cooling components, enterprises reduce their data center design, build, energy, and maintenance costs.

GRC’s solutions are deployed in thirteen countries and are ideal for new-age applications, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, HPC, and other Edge and core applications. They are environmentally resilient and space saving, making it possible to deploy the solution in virtually any location with minimal lead time.

Prasa, an ISO 9001–2015 certified company, is among the leading data center and mission critical infrastructure solutions and services providers in India.

Established in 1994, Prasa has gained vast experience in the ever-changing environment of data centers and mission critical infrastructure. Prasa partners with the many leading brands for indoor and outdoor equipment deployed in data centers and has portrayed itself as the leading solution provider for mission critical and energy efficient infrastructure.


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