Edtech system for fraud-free exams-tests


Bangalore-headquartered Mindlogicx has started its global expansion from Singapore, working its way through the South East Asian markets.

Mindlogicx executives said the expansion planned out along with fast-pace demand from international educational institutions that are modernizing with focus on online learning and teaching based on mobile devices.

The urgency in modernizing teaching systems at international education institutions is driving demand for advanced-tech systems in the US$200 billion Edtech industry globally, they said.

The strong pickup in Edtech globally, with an estimated CAGR of 17% seen in the last two years, is seeking new innovative products, said Mindlogicx CEO Suresh Elangovan.

Mindlogicx offers fraud-free examinations and assessments platform IntelliExams.

Citing new opportunities, Elangovan has launched a suite of products on IntelliExam platform, built on concept of IDEAS — integrated digital examination and assessment system.

Demand for Edtech platforms is driven by revolution in educational institutions as on-line mobile-based teaching has become a norm, added Deep Singhania, Global Advisor at Mindlogicx.

Mindlogicx is using its Singapore regional office to venture into the fast-expanding South East Asian education software markets as a start and a stepping stone to global markets.

“We have started our global expansion from Singapore, first setting a firm foothold in the South East Asian markets, where educational institutions are modernizing teaching systems with cutting edge technologies,” Singhania said.

“We believe the global education system will go paperless. The direction will be based on AI-supported teaching and learning platforms on mobile devices such as ipad and iphones,” elaborated Singhania on prospects of the global Edtech industry.

Singhania is studying every aspect of the IT and IT enable services as well as the wide spectrum of Internet of Things for incorporation of innovative ideas in Mindlogicx platform, IntelliExam.

Elangovan said his Indian engineering team is working on expanding the suites of systems on the IntelliExam “based on EdTech industry feedbacks and requirements”.

“We are constantly updating our offerings with mobile app, last mile devices, podcasting for end user experience among others. This is in line with the global demand for innovative products while in parallel reaching out to the vast markets,” he said of the pressure on keeping up with cutting edge competition.

“Though we have the technology advantages, we don’t rest on our laurels but keep reinventing as an innovative technology company. We have to keep inspiring our engineers to exploiting the extreme of technologies, in the EdTech field,” added Singhania.

Mindlogicx’s flagship platform IntelliExam, is designed for exam conducting bodies such as Universities, school boards and assessment bodies.

IntelliExam platform is built on concept of IDEAS — integrated digital examination and assessment system and is being currently used by the Global Indian International School at its Smart Campus in Singapore.

It operates on mobile device, such as ipad, and is activated on fingerprint of the candidate being tested, weeding out fraud attempts such as impersonation. fiinews.com


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