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Indian startups pursuing key areas in electronics

Success from startup ecosystem


Success from startup ecosystem


Mymo Wireless

Indian startups are pursuing key areas in sensors, electronics, and electronic manufacturing sectors, according to a ResearchAndMarkets report.

Some of the successful enterprises have emerged from the startup ecosystem, said the report “Assessment of Electronics, Sensors, and Manufacturing Start-up Ecosystem in India” on 31 July 2019.

Finally, the opportunities offered for start-ups in India is being discussed in marketplace, it added.

Asia is one of the largest contributors to the global electronics industry with its expertise in semiconductor fabrication. But India has never entered into this scenario even though it is one of the world’s largest consumer of electronic goods.

Hence the assessment of the reasons behind the lack of India’s presence in the global electronics economy is quintessential at this point in order to build a future prospect of the country in electronics.

As the Silicon Valley became the start-up hub for the US, India is building its own start-up cities such as Bangalore which houses some of the prominent start-up companies such as Mymo Wireless and Tejas Networks.

The government initiatives to nurture the start-up ecosystems are also highlighted in the report.

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