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FIEO sees gain of US$10-$12bn exports from US-China tariff war

Specified tariff lines identified


Specified tariff lines identified



India can quickly add US$10-$12 billion to its exports, if competitiveness is maintained and capacities are created quickly to match large demands coming from the tariff-war hit US and Chinese markets.

Stating this, the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) noted that the US-China tariff war has opened huge opportunity for deeper penetration and expansion in the world’s two largest markets,

FIEO President Sharad Kumar Saraf said that the identification of specified tariff lines in US and China by Department of Commerce has resulted in focused attention by exporters to these products which has been supplemented by proactive intervention by Indian Embassies in China and US who are working hard to link Indian exporters with foreign buyers.

China has been able to manage its currency, which deprecated by about 9% since the onset of tariff war, blunting 25% tariff disadvantage by about 11-12%, noted Saraf.

Moreover, appreciation of Rupee by about 4-5%, further eroded the advantage for Indian exporters.

FIEO said that “how quickly we can add to capacity will determine our success to get best out of tariff war”.

FIEO DG & CEO Dr Ajay Sahai suggested that excess capacity in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) may be permitted to provide plug and play facility to grab the opportunity provided by tariff war as industry may not invest to create permanent facility to increase production as duration and magnitude of additional tariff itself is uncertain.

Moreover, industry feels that with the creation of additional capacity, it may breach the threshold of MSME depriving it of various fiscal benefits.

Stakeholders have also raised various issues affecting competitiveness covering logistics, infrastructure inadequacies, transaction cost, availability and cost of credit etc.

Separately, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has assured Government’s will provide complete facilitation to exporters and manufacturers. But he was quick to add that days of subsidies are getting over.

Goyal assured the industry that MEIS will be replaced by WTO compatible RoSCTL scheme, which is already operational for apparel and made ups.

He urged the industry to collect the data to get rebate of all indirect taxes and cess through RoSCTL including Electricity, Coal cess and royalty paid on mining etc.

The Minister has also informed that the Government is reviewing all existing FTAs and assess their impact on exports as well as manufacturing.

Moreover, further new negotiations will keep industry and consumer interest at the top of the agenda.

Goyal has asked the industry to move up the value chain to boost exports.

He reassured that the concerns of the industry with regard to the cost of credit and availability of credit is being deliberated with RBI and Banks so as to address them.

He urged the industry to work together with Government and raise India’s share in global exports from less than 2% to 5%.

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