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FIEO-eBay to promote retail exports globally

Partnership to reach 179 million buyers


Partnership to reach 179 million buyers



The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) and eBay has formed a partnership to promote retail exports via eCommerce from India to the latter’s 179 million buyers worldwide.

The strategic tie-up will stimulate the growth of Indian retail exporters by helping them sell online to eBay’s 179 million buyers worldwide and share knowledge of retail export trends, said FIEO.

FIEO’s members can benefit from the high-growth eCommerce market and eBay’s insights and best practices.

The members will also gain from FIEO’s considerable knowledge of export policies, incentives & benefits available to exporters under the foreign trade promotion policies to scale their businesses.

The FIEO and eBay are committed to driving exports from Indian entrepreneurs.

FIEO’s continuous efforts resulted in enhanced limits for retail eCommerce exports from Rs.25,000 to Rs.500,000 and waiver of fee for MEIS application which are helping MSMEs to scale their business globally.

FIEO Director General and CEO Dr Ajay Sahai has advised the exporters to take to aggressive marketing strategies and identify and adopt additional export sales channels like ecommerce to take on the growing difficult global market conditions and leveraging risks through diversification.

“We have been focusing on diversification of product baskets and markets. We now need to identify and adopt additional export sales channel like eCommerce to reach out to the customer directly thereby reducing the cost of products to the end users,” said Dr Sahai.

This tie-up with eBay will provide FIEO members an access to a target audience of over 179 million eBay buyers across the globe and FIEO to reach cottage industries, artisans, youth, MSMEs and clusters even in far-flung areas, to develop their orientation towards exports.

Vidmay Naini, India Country Manager, eBay, noted: “We at eBay believe in empowering entrepreneurs, MSMEs and artisans to sell across the world using the eBay marketplace platform. eBay is world’s leading online marketplace and provides easy and seamless access to 195 markets.

“Indian MSMEs and artisans produce quality handcrafted products that are in high demand across the world. eBay India facilitates these MSMEs and artisans with demand & product insights; shipping and exports facilitation and account management support to make these MSMEs and artisans setup a successful export business on eBay.

“We have thousands of successful retail exporters leveraging the eBay marketplace platform to export India products across the world. We are delighted to renew our association with FIEO.”

Indian retail exporters and MSMEs stand to benefit from this collaboration from awareness workshops to be carried out across India to educate them about export policies, international trading and eCommerce best practices for overseas trade.

FIEO will educate eBay merchants on understanding export policies, procedures, incentives and benefits available to exporters.

eBay educates & empowers Indian MSMEs, artisans, clusters in different aspects of exports with special focus on “made in India” products, familiarizing them with global retail export opportunities.

eBay shall benefit Indian MSMEs by providing insights on global market demand trends and insights.

The awareness programs will address some commonly faced challenges by MSMEs and entail training to empower them with eBay customized and ready solutions available for this segment, said FIEO in a press release on 27 Feb 2019.

FIEO and eBay will work together to highlight the role and benefits of eCommerce for the Indian export sector and represent the challenges faced by retail online exporters with policy makers and regulators.*

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