Ryan EduNation to create platform



Foundation Holdings has committed US$100 million investment to a joint venture to expand footprints in K-12 education in India.

It has formed the joint venture with compatriot Ryan International Group under the brand “Ryan EduNation”, which has recently acquired the managed school platform owned by Pearson India Education Services Private Limited which already enables over 18,000 students across India to access quality education.

The JV partnership model, between both being of Indian origin, is scalable by empowering educational institutions and passionate landowners across India to create a platform of change and impact, said Nishith Desai Associates, which acted as legal and regulatory counsel to the parties in the creation of the joint venture.

“We also advised the joint venture on the legal and regulatory aspects of the acquisition of Pearson India Education Services’s managed school venture in India,” said the consultants on 14 Jan 2020.

Foundation Holdings invests in the robust, high-growth healthcare, education and consumer sectors in India and GCC.

Ryan International has grown into one of India’s leading group of institutions, providing academic excellence to students. fiinews.com


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