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Effect of renewables visible in India

Work in progress on bio-energy


Work in progress on bio-energy


The Prime Minister inaugurating ISA assembly.


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the effect of increased use of renewable energy is now visible in India which is working towards goals of the Paris Agreement through an action plan.

Inaugurated the first Assembly of the International Solar Alliance on 2 Oct 2018 in Delhi, Modi reaffirmed the 2030 target to generate 40% of India’s total energy requirements from non-fossil fuel-based sources.

The Prime Minister said that along with power generation, power storage is also important. In this context, he mentioned the National Energy Storage Mission through which the Government is focusing on demand creation, indigenous manufacturing, innovation and energy storage.

Besides solar and wind power, India is working on biomass, biofuel and bio-energy.

He assured that efforts are being made to make India’s transport system clean fuel based.

He said that by converting bio-waste to biofuel, India is converting a challenge into an opportunity.

Also inaugurated were the second the Indian Ocean Rim Association Renewable Energy Ministerial Meeting, and the 2nd Global RE-Invest (Renewable Energy Investors’ Meet and Expo).

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