Envoy highlights clean energy opportunities


India's High Commission in Singapore.
High Commissioner, Jawed Ashraf.


India is open to sharing its economic prosperity and business opportunities with the world as builds a US$5 trillion economy by 2025 through massive industrialization and infrastructure developments.

“We look forward to working with the world in sharing our opportunities, sharing our prosperity and working together to make a world a better, more peaceful, more stable and prosperous and sustainable in the future,” said Jawed Ashraf, India’s High Commissioner to Singapore.

Addressing the World Opportunities Forum on 22 May 2019, Jawed Ashraf also gave an overview of the opportunities arising globally from technological disruption, the diffusion of economic power and acceleration in growth in various countries that are throwing up new opportunities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eurasia.

He highlighted opportunities for a clean energy future in the disruption taking place in energy market, and, the stress in global institutions that underpin the existing global order that creates new opportunities for reshaping the global architecture and institution to reflect new realities.

In his focus on India, the High Commissioner underlined determinant of growths in the country that are coming together and being aligned in a way to sustain high rates of economic growth for years to come.

“The demography, politics, governance, policies, reforms, scale of investments, digital revolution, the urban revolution that we are undergoing, the investments that is taking place in skill and education, the unprecedented scale of expansion of infrastructure that is one of the biggest infrastructure stories in the world,” said the envoy in his keynote address “Opportunities in the Age of Disruption”.

India, he said, adds 30 km of expressways every day, and have operationalised 30 additional airports and created 1,000 GW of power in the course of last five years.

He elaborated on the benefits arising from financial inclusion and digitalisation that, he said, had revolutionised governance, development, business and delivery of public services, besides bringing banking, insurance and pension within the reach of all.

“All of these are in the context of a society that is richly diverse, wedded to democracy and committed to playing by rule of law internationally,” the envoy told forum attended by more than 300 delegates including high commissioners, ambassadors and diplomats from over 18 countries.

The one-day inaugural forum was organized by Sun Media Pte Ltd, an Indian origin Singapore publishing enterprise which produces country focused newsletters and magazines for diplomatic missions in Singapore. fiinews.com


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