India 80th in GTCI 2019



India’s biggest challenge is to improve its ability to Attract and Retain talent, according to a report by The Adecco Group and Tata Communications.

“Notwithstanding the scope for improvement across the board, India’s biggest challenge is to improve its ability to Attract and Retain talent, where it finds itself in the bottom quarter,” said the report ‘Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2019’, covering the Asia Paific region.

India’s best performance is to grow talent, which is the only pillar where the country is positioned above the median.

India is ranked 80th at the GTCI 2019 and remains the laggard of BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Commenting on the region, Tata Communications Chief Executive Officer Vinod Kumar said: “Asia-Pacific is embracing technology driven shifts at pace, with much needed localisation of services for the Asian consumer.

“In parallel to these shifts, it is critical that mindsets must also transform at an organisation level for any digital transformation initiative to fully succeed.

“One that embraces and embeds a culture of hyper-customer-consciousness and willingness to adapt, maybe even letting go of the past. This is what will provide countries, cities and industry that competitive edge as we look towards the future,” he said.

Singapore retains its leading position in Asia Pacific for the sixth consecutive year in the GTCI 2019, announced on 23 April 2019 during GTCI’s Asia Launch event at the INSEAD Asia campus in Singapore.

The GTCI is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of 125 countries to compete for talent.

This year’s report with the theme of ‘Entrepreneurial Talent and Global Competitiveness’ attempts to identify the ways in which companies, countries, and cities can foster entrepreneurial talent which makes up a critical component of competitiveness and innovation and will become even more so in a fast-paced world of digitisation and globalisation.

New Zealand and Australia, ranked second and third in Asia Pacific respectively, continue to demonstrate strong performance with their consistent rankings within the top 15 globally.


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