Himalayan retreat for stressed executives


Ravi Dabral.
Ravi Dabral.

India must promote spirituality from its Himalayan ashrams by inducting it as a course in the higher educational institutions, especially making it part of degree and MBA courses, given that stressed executives of international corporations have sought solace in these holy spots.

Expressing this view, a two-book author Ravi Dabral pointed out that international personalities such as Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook had sought spirituality under the patronage of the Himalayan ashram gurus and yogis.

Himalayan retreats have spiritually benefited corporate leaders including Jobs and Zuckerberg as they cooled down among ashram gurus and yogis.

Such examples call for a ‘spiritual immersion course’ for students in higher institutions, who, otherwise, head for “a very stressful materialistic world”, said Dabral, an Uttarakhand native whose latest book ‘Greed Lust Addiction’ in English and “Laalach Vaasana Lath” in Hindi was launched in Singapore recently.

“I was embarrassed to know that foreigners understood the importance of spiritual powers of gurus and yogis in the Himalayas, but despite being a native of Uttarakhand, I never understood their role and significance,” said Dabral, winner of “International Man of Excellence Award for Education, Corporate & Social Services” at the 10 International Seminar of The Indian Achievers Forum, held in Bangkok, in November 2016.

Dabral said his call is to the Indian government as well as Uttarakhand state government and educationists to promote spirituality from Himalayas in a structured way among international education institutions.

There is more than a value for India to give the spirituality to the World. Nowhere in the world is a spiritually cooler place as Himalayas, which India should share with the world, he stressed.

“Though my call for such course in spirituality is niche, it is important to prepare future leaders with a ‘cooler head’ who enters the world of rat race-razor sharp business competition, on completing their paper chase,” said Dabral who has conducted extensive studies, research, investigation and interacted with the Himalayan ashram gurus and yogis for over 15 years.

With India emerging as a global economy, the country’s business executives would face immense materialistic mental pressure, he pointed out from experiences of interacting with global executives.

India has made Yoga and its Mantras a part of global exercises, applauded Dbaral, suggesting the addition to this success the spiritual immersion in Himalayas.

A mineral trader and a permanent resident in Singapore, Dabral said his book illustrates mind, sensual and spiritual pleasures and provides contrasts between the material and spirituality globally.

The 46-years old author published his first book “Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life” in 2018. fiinews.com


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