SG foundation host Corporate Hindi meet


Global Hindi Foundation.


Strong consumer demand from the mega Indian market is impressing on multinational corporations to have their top executives fluent in Hindi and Indian dialects.

Speaking a local lingo is always an important part of the market strategies of global corporation. But with India’s insatiable consumer demand, market strategists are now giving more and more importance to Hindi and deeper understanding of Indian cultures and traditions.

Hindi is also becoming a Lingua Franca of corporate world especially with Indian origin executives maintaining a strong focus on the markets in their home country.

Non-Indians with penchant for India are learning Hindi while it is one of the many languages being offered globally by India-biased schools and institutions.

With such a strong interest in Hindi as well as other Indian dialects, Singapore headquartered social enterprise, Global Hindi Foundation, is organizing its first every international summit in the Hindi heartland – New Delhi.

Corporate Excellence Summit will be breaking the myth that “Hindi cannot be a lingua franca of corporate world or business world”.

If yoga is internationally renowned, Hindi should not shy away.

The summit will underline the importance of Hindi globally, said Mamta Mandal, founder of the Global Hindi Foundation who have been holding annual Hindi Prerna Awards in Singapore for the past three years.

Every Hindi or Indian dialect speaking Indian consumer accounts for one in six consumers in the global market, which marketing is done through local lingo, tradition and culture, Mandal pointed out.

The former banker turned social entrepreneur promoting Hindi through her foundation believes time is right for Hindi to take its place on the world stage.

Technology-wise, with Indian professionals dominating the IT, ITES and IoT world, Hindi should emerge as one of the most important language in the cyber space.

Mamta sees it as an important language or unique encryption for the highly-valued and IT-dominated Indian market.

She cited China for having its own lingo software and sees no reason for Hindi and or Indian dialect becoming more and more dominant languages in Indiaspecific programs.

The Corporate Excellence Summit will be held on 11 Jan 2019 at the reputed Constitution Club in the heartland of New Delhi.


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