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Toshiba remarkably increases presence

Chairman wants techniques+know-how


Chairman wants techniques+know-how


Toshiba Machine is “remarkably increasing” its presence in the high-growth Indian market by consolidating the management of its two subsidiaries.

Chairman Katsuo Ito has stressed: “In market in India where high growth of economy is expected in coming years, we would like to remarkably increase our presence in the market.

“To achieve this, we must combine “wide range of techniques and know-how” of Toshiba Machine as a comprehensive machine manufacturer with “a strong local network in India and proposal skills” possessed by Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Private Limited, as well as accelerating the penetration of Toshiba Machine Group products into Indian market.

“In addition, we will maximize the Group synergy by capitalizing on Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Private Limited in the aspect of product development as well.”

It is consolidating the management of Toshiba Machine (India) and Toshiba Machine (Chennai) is being consolidated.

Toshiba Machine (India) Pvt Ltd, established in New Delhi since 2006, has been engaged in sales and services of injection molding machines and die-casting machines.

Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Private Limited was founded as a Toshiba Machine’s subsidiary after acquiring all shares of L&T Plastics Machinery Limited in September 2012 that used to be a L&T Group company in India.

It has been making contributions to the increase of Toshiba Machine Group’s share of injection molding machine in Indian market.

Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Private Limited, as a surviving company, has currently sales offices in 18 locations within India, so that we will accelerate introduction of our products into Indian market, including die-casting machines and machine tools manufactured in Japan in addition to injection molding machines that are traditionally manufactured locally in India.

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