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Denis Ferranti’s aerospace expertise


Denis Ferranti’s aerospace expertise




Denis Ferranti designs and manufactures innovative products and systems for the Aerospace and Defence industries, explains its design engineer Jack Owens.

He listed out the group expertise, pointing out that technical challenges associated with hybridization and propulsion in aeronautical applications are significant.

The main technical challenges include safety, certification, performance, mass and cost.

“We are unlocking the potential by providing solutions to these challenges through our extensive, application specific, Intellectual Property Library.

“We offer a design and build to specification capability along with a range of off the shelf products,” said Owens.

Denis Ferranti’s technology covers:

Machines and converters for provision of electrical and mechanical power

Power between 20 kW and 5 MW

Speed ranges from 500 rpm to 30,000 rpm

Voltages from 28V to 700V and beyond

Architectures include simplex, multiplex, permanent magnet and Induction machines, 1 x 10^-9 for fire

ARINC and CAN for communications

Typical applications include electrical power generation and motor functions in continuous operation, transient power bursts and propulsion.

Denis Ferranti Group is a vertically-integrated Design and Manufacturing organisation in line with requirements of EASA Part 21, IPC3 and AS9100 Rev C.

The business incorporates Mechanical and Electronics Design, Manufacturing and Assembly in a single environment.

“We offer fast reaction times within the marketplace complemented by direct involvement of senior staff in solution management and communication with Aerospace partners,” elaborated Owens.

With a proven track record in Aerospace innovation, the group has access to a library of existing intellectual property which gives it the ability to develop and deliver solutions quickly and with greater value.

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