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Tata reaches out to ASEAN students through quiz show

Philosophy of communicating with youths


Philosophy of communicating with youths


Source: Tata Sky.


Tata Group has reached out to ASEAN students through Singapore institutions with its annually-held Tata Crucible which promotes corporate philosophy of doing beyond business and engaging youths.

“Tata is all about doing things which are beyond business in terms of impacting and connecting the community,” said K V Rao, Resident Director for ASEAN at Tata Sons Ltd in Singapore on 25 Oct 2019.
This particular platform, created in India in 2004, gives the Tata Group an interesting window and opening to talking to youths and engaging them in a very interesting way, he pointed out.
Tata Crucible Singapore was launched in Singapore 13 years ago.
“Tata Crucible has reached out to students from ASEAN through the Singapore Universities and Institute of Higher Learnings,” Rao said after hosting the 13th edition of the annual quiz.
“It is a corporate philosophy of doing things beyond business and same is the case with students participating in a quiz, which is actually doing things beyond their core studies,” he elaborated on the way Tata Group promote creativity through its corporate philosophy.
“When you do things beyond your core studies, your mind literally opens up to more knowledge and more curiosity, intelligences, to react, quick wittiness, thinking on your feet, and being able to operate more successfully in the world,” added Rao.
Tata Crucible is held every year in Singapore, Dubai and India, recognizing creativities among students.
The 2019 edition was won by a team of Maulik Jain from Guwahti and Pune’s Rutwik Vishwaitre, who represented National University of Singapore, taking home a prize money of SGD7,000 and trophies.
Jain, 20, who is doing economics and finance and Vishwaitre, 20, doing mechanical engineering, are set to participate in the Tata Crucible final to be held in India in April 2020.
“It is one of the most prestigious quizzes in Singapore,” said Jain who along with Vishwaitre topped the competition.
The second winner, a team of Shalini Gupta, 22, and Harshita Garg, 19, representing the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), will also participate in the India final.
Tata Nagar, Jamshedpur born Gupta and Kanpur-born Garg are doing Banking and Finance, respectively, at the SIM. They won a prize of SGD3,000 at the Quiz which drew 41 teams.

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