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Baekkun Dredging to expands into Asia markets

Ten offices to boost global business


Ten offices to boost global business


Baekkun Dredging Co Ltd.
Eco-friendly amphibious dredger.

South Korea’s Baekkun Dredging Co Ltd, having developed an eco-friendly amphibious dredger, is accelerating export expansions in the Asian markets including India.

Baekkun Dredging CEO Baek Do Sun said that his company has gained entitlement to subsidy offered by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups. It is offered to high-growth exporters and that it will accelerate exports to Southeast and South Asia.

Established in December 2009, Baekkun Dredging obtained patents on its eco-friendly dredger and eco-friendly equipment and method for the separation of dredging soil in January 2010. In the following year, it registered a patent on an amphibious dredger.

Amphibious dredgers made by Baekkun Dredging are compact dredgers operable on shores, rivers, reservoirs and waterways. As they utilize a range of different attachments, they can perform multipurpose functions such as pump dredging and bucket dredging.

“We focus on exporting our patented technology on dredger construction and advancing our on-spot works,” a Baekkun Dredging official said.

“We plan to open 10 offices abroad by 2022 to grow our global business further,” he added.

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