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Ballistic Missile Interceptor tested

Multiple simulated targets done


Multiple simulated targets done


Ballistic Missile interceptor tested



Defence Research and Development Organizations (DRDO) has tested the Ballistic Missile Interceptor Advanced Area Defence (AAD) on 2 August 2018 from Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha.

The endo-atmospheric missile, capable of intercepting incoming targets at an altitude of 15-km to 25-km, was launched against multiple simulated targets of 1,500-km class ballistic missile.

One target among simultaneously incoming multiple targets was selected on real time, the weapon system radars tracked the target and the missile locked on to it and intercepted the target with a high degree of accuracy.

The complete event including the engagement and interception was tracked by a number of electro-optical tracking systems, radars and telemetry stations.

All the mission objectives were successfully met.

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