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US-Indian companies in multi edge computing

Partnership for rapid innovation


Partnership for rapid innovation



Morristown’s Alef Mobitech, a Mobile Edge Technology pioneer, and Tech Mahindra are to offer an End-to-End Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) solution for Enterprises across multiple market segments.

The two companies announced a partnership on 12 Sept 2018.

The partnership targets the rapid innovation, creation and global deployment of new solutions and services for Enterprises, Over-The-Top Application Providers and Mobile Network Operators.

These solutions will provide an unparalleled user experience and will significantly lower the cost of 5G services.

The partnership leverages Tech Mahindra’s domain and engineering expertise, in-house & partner applications and deployment services.

With this trusted partner, Alef Mobitech’s MEC Platform can provide the services that the world needs – today, said a statement from the two companies.

Enhanced broadband services (HD Gaming, AR/VR) and mission critical applications (autonomous driving, robotics control) require computing capabilities delivered from the edge to meet strict quality of service requirements. MEC is the network architecture that enables cloud computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the mobile network.

“5G presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and for developing strategic business differentiation. Only our imagination will be the limiting factor,” said Manish Vyas, President, Communications, Media & Entertainment Business, and the CEO, Network Services.

“Programmable networks coupled with Edge Computing facilities and IoT will enable industries to massively transform their business and to deliver rich, immersive experiences to their customers. Tech Mahindra has geared up to deliver on the promise of 5G,” said Vyas.

“More than ever, telecom operators worldwide are facing challenges to match profitability with ever-increasing bandwidth and data consumption needs,” said Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, Alef Mobitech’s CEO.

“Operators need ways to generate additional revenue while minimizing their operating expenses and capital expenditures. Moving the computing and network intensive applications from the Cloud to the Mobile Edge enables operators to improve user experience, to launch new value-added services, and to support mission critical applications, all while reducing spending on building network capacities,” said Sundaram.

Alef Mobitech’s mission is to realize the worldwide potential of the Mobile Internet through a wide range of enablement services by teaming with Solution Providers and Mobile Network Operators.

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