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TPSDI expands skill programmes to engineers

Tata trains in entrepreneurship skills


Tata trains in entrepreneurship skills


Source: TPSDI.
TPSDI session.


Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI) has expanded to offer training in higher skills, progressing on from skilling programmes for the blue-collared workforce and underprivileged sections of the society when it was established in February 2015.

TPSDI now also offers courses to engineers and technicians from other organisations and its parent group Tata Power, as well as trains engineering college students, enabling them to gain skills that bridge the gap between academics and industry.

TPSDI has trained over 40,000 people in skills needed for the power sector and allied industries over the last four years.

Commenting on the company’s vision of nation building, Praveer Sinha, Tata Power CEO and managing director, said: “It is TPSDI’s mission to tackle the challenges of competency and employability faced by the power industry and the community at large.

“TPSDI has been regularly conducting various training programmes for subsequent employment opportunities for trainees. We aspire to make TPSDI one of the best training centres of India by a utility and are confident that it will be a frontrunner for skilling workers in the near future,” Sinha said.

TPSDI has training hubs at five locations in India: Shahad and Trombay near Mumbai in Maharashtra, Maithon near Dhanbad and Jojobera near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, and Mundra near Kutch in Gujarat.

Apart from its hubs, TPSDI, through its spokes and outreach programmes, has trained at 16 locations across India.

TPSDI consciously works towards providing greater access to its courses to unemployed youth, women and members of disadvantaged sections of the society as part of its Affirmative Action Policy and reaches out to those in the below-poverty-line category. It has so far trained over 4,700 such people since 2015, offering them opportunities to enhance their livelihood.

Sinha elaborated on TPSDI’s work for the disadvantaged sections: “The institute has the pedigree of the Tata group and believes in working with those sections of the society where it can have a life-enhancing impact. Not only does TPSDI train unemployed youth with skills leading to employment, it even fosters the entrepreneurial aspirations of this section by training in entrepreneurship skills so that they can set up small businesses.”

Tata Power has ambitious plans for TPSDI. Sinha went on: “We want TPSDI to be a frontrunner and a benchmark for institutes offering skill-based training. Tata Power aspires to make TPSDI a premier technical training institute in the nation and the first choice for training in the power sector.”

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