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Thermax adopts moisture displacing solution NC 123 Plus

NCH solution provides cost savings


NCH solution provides cost savings


NCH Asia/Thermax
Thermax’s HRSG.


The US-origin global group, NCH Asia, said Pune-based Thermax has adopted its NC 123 Plus, the moisture displacing solution as a cost-effective quality maintenance solution for its HRSG (Heat Recovery steam generators)

By this it has achieved cost saving of in million dollars by making its fin replacement unnecessary, said NCH in a release on 5 Mar 2019.

Thermax builds and supplies HRSG worldwide which is used in generating steam from exhaust gas of turbines.

Made up of multiple finned tubes, HRSG is extremely susceptible to rust and corrosion due to moisture. Repair and restoration of the finned tubes is a major cost factor for Thermax and could result in a significant repair cost.

Complying with the environmental protection norms, Thermax would not accept any solution which might involve painting or oil spraying.

NC 123 Plus solvent (ISO 9001), a de-moisturizing compound, is a perfect answer for electrical equipment. It is easy to apply as it is applicable to any surface, whether wet or dry, and protects the heat transfer surface of HRSG finned tubes by displacing moisture and leaving a thin, continuous water-proof film that also lubricates them.

NC 123 Plus fully met the requirements of both Thermax and the third-party inspection authorities.

“We have been using NCH’s products like NC 123, CCX 77 (Chain Cable oil), Duo Power (Degreaser and cleaner), Shiny Side (for cleaning aluminum radiators), DriLube lubricant and Chemstrip (paint remover) to name few and have been very satisfied with NCH’s cost-effective quality maintenance solutions. Would recommend this to any user who wishes to try these.” said Shekhar Desai – Head, Manufacturing Support Services, B&H division, Thermax Limited.

Pune-based Thermax is involved in energy and environment designs, builds and commissions large boilers for steam and power generation, turnkey power plants and utilities solutions with its global network in 27 countries.

The HRSG, built and supplied worldwide by Thermax, is used in generating steam from exhaust gas of turbines.

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