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Rajya Sabha updated on nuclear plants

Installed: 22 reactors of 6,780 MW


Installed: 22 reactors of 6,780 MW


Department of Atomic Energy.


Six nuclear power plants accorded administrative approval and financial sanction on which pre-project activities are in progress, said Minister of State for Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on 21 Nov 2019.

The pre-project activities progress are at:

State Location Project Capacity (MW)

Madhya Pradesh Chutka Chutka – 1&2 2X700

Karnataka Kaiga Kaiga – 5&6 2X700

Rajasthan Mahi Banswara Mahi Banswara – 1&2 2X700

Mahi Banswara – 3&4 2X700

Haryana Gorakhpur GHAVP – 3&4 2X700

Tamil Nadu Kudankulam KKNPP – 5&6 2X1,000

The present installed nuclear power capacity in the country comprises of 22 reactors with a total capacity of 6,780 MW.

Of these, one reactor, RAPS-1 (100 MW), is under extended shutdown for techno-economic assessment. The nuclear power plants contribute about 3% of the total electricity generated in the country.

The electrical energy requirement of the country for year 2018-19 is 1,274,595 MUs whereas projected energy requirement for year 2021-22 is 1,566,023 MUs.

Nuclear power plants are being established along with electricity generating plants of other technologies to meet the electricity requirements of the country.

The details of location and capacity in MW of the nuclear power plants being set up are as follows:

Gujarat Kakrapar KAPP-3&4 capacity 2×700

Rajasthan Rawatbhata RAPP-7&8 2X700

Haryana Gorakhpur GHAVP-1&2 2X700

Tamil Nadu Kudankulam KKNPP– 3&4 2X1,000

Tamil Nadu Kalpakkam PFBR 500.

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