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NCR agrees to support PNB ATM services

PNB says impress with NCR services


PNB says impress with NCR services


NCR Corporation has signed a three-year managed services agreement with Punjab National Bank (PNB) as key services support provider for a significant part of its global network of over 3,600 ATMs.

PNB is India’s sixth largest bank in terms of ATMs deployed in the country with 100 million customers, including approximately 40 million debit card holders.

It maintains more than 6,692 branches and has a presence in nine countries.

“We are impressed with NCR in terms of innovation, quality of service provided and its commitment to us and our customers to improve availability of our banking services, drive operational efficiency and deliver proactive service,” said PNB in a statement on 28 Nov 2018.

“We are confident in NCR’s services approach and that the company will serve our needs well under this agreement,” it added.

The new services agreement is another signal of NCR’s commitment to growing its services business in India and investing in and growing Digital Connected Services.

Specific services provided to PNB include incident management, cash management, electronic journal pulling services, content management & software distribution services, site management & maintenance services and general housekeeping and upkeep services.

“The expectation of an always-on, omni-present business model is now a given, and financial institutions need to ensure that their banking services are available to their customers when they want,” said Bob Tramontano, VP, NCR Managed Services.

“Our suite of managed services will help PNB to reduce the high costs of multiple service providers, scale support quickly and ultimately, decrease downtime through high-value managed services. We are committed to providing PNB excellent customer service and building on this tremendous relationship for years to come.”

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