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MSMEs explore export markets with niche technologies

A Brain-mapping Software on the market


A Brain-mapping Software on the market


Interpol World 2019.


Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, with niche security-sensitive technologies, are exploring export markets, having showcased their products at the Interpol World 2019 conference and exhibition held in Singapore 2-4 July 2019.

Bengaluru-headquartered Axxonet System Technologies Pvt Ltd is exploring opportunities in the South East Asian markets, especially for its innovative BEOS (Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature) Technology manufactured in India.

“We are expanding into the South East Asian markets with our niche BEOS technology,” said Axxonet’s vice president for projects and sales Deepa Dwivedi.

The company has already established a research-based unit Axxonet Global Ltd at Leeds in the United Kingdom, said Dwivedi, stressing that BEOS technology was first of its kind under “Make In India”.

Created 20 years ago, BEOS, a Brain-mapping software, is designed for investigative work in many fields including forensic and crime.

Axxonet’s BEOS, along with Neuro Signature System, Beos Image Classifier and Lie Detector, is rated among the best homeland securities in India.

The products are upgraded and updated regularly to market specific, said Dwivedi, adding that the technologies are used in a number of forensic labs in India.

Joining Axxonet at the Interpol World 2019 was Kolkata-based Videonetics, which offers a wide range of intellectual softwares that are being used in 130 cities and 83 airports across India.

Having already established strong foothold in major markets of the United States, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and South East Asia, Videonetics vice president for business development, Avinash J. Trivedi, is working on East-West strategy to have the products placed in global markets.

“We plan to be engaged worldwide with customers,” he said of the widely respective security expertise from Videonetics, among the world’s first Artificial learning and deep learning powered Unified Video Computing platform to manage video data as well as other sensor generated data.

The plan is to build a worldwide network, said Trivedi on 2 July 2019.

He said the company’s recent contracts include one in Bangladesh and a security system for Sri Lanka’s Defence Ministry Building.

As the World-leading Visual Computing Platform Development Company, Videonetics has been honored with the prestigious award ‘Indian Original Equipment Manufacturer of the Year’, by Finest India Skill Talent (FIST) Awards 2019, for their outstanding growth coupled with designing and delivering indigenous innovations in the country.

Working along with Indian technology exporters is US-headquartered Ace Technology Partners which is partnering New Delhi-based Foundation Futuristic Technologies (FFT) to serve the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets.

“We are working in collaboration with out Indian partner to put our niche forensic service in MENA markets,” said John Samborski, a vice president of Ace Technology at the Interpol World 2019 exhibition.

FFT is a global leader in computer forensics and digital investigation solutions.

Samborski is convinced of the huge potential in the Indian market and noted Indian government initiatives encouraging local companies to form partnerships with foreign companies.

FFT is a global leader in the computer forensics and digital investigation solutions space. Our proven in-depth domain expertise has been developed over decades of working with law enforcement organizations on numerous complex crime investigations.

Ace Computers offers high performance technology for Big Data applications such as machine learning, deep learning and AI. This technology is designed for the unique demands of public sector applications.

For federal, state, and local governments and military organizations such as the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines, the ability to organize and analyze disparate data quickly and accurately can be key to staying on top of logistical, tactical, and security challenges and staying within budget, said Samborski.

Some 160 companies with niche technologies from 32 countries including China, France, India, Singapore and the United States showcased their technologies at the three-day conference and exhibition. The event was supported by 45 international trade associations and organisations.

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