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Li-Ion facility being set up in Bangalore

BHEL gets ISRO Li-Ion technology


BHEL gets ISRO Li-Ion technology


BHEL is in the process of establishing the Li-Ion production facility near Bangalore to produce ISRO’s Li-Ion Cells, said Minister of State for Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh on 28 Nov 2019.

BHEL and ISRO had signed a production Technology Transfer Agreement in March 2018.

The production facility is primarily targeting to meet Li-Ion Cell requirements for ISRO and other strategic sectors.

However, BHEL can also produce and sell Li-Ion cells for meeting other national and commercial applications by suitably modifying the space-grade cell which can lead to cost reduction.

Various equipment, both indigenous and imported, for the facility has been procured and are being commissioned.

ISRO has already provided all technical documentation for establishing the production plant as well as hands-on training in various production activities for BHEL staff at ISRO’s facilities.

As per the Technology Transfer Agreement, space-grade Li-Ion cells manufactured by BHEL are meant for meeting the national requirements only.

However, BHEL can also sell the space-grade Li-Ion cells to parties outside India after obtaining prior written consent from ISRO, Singh said in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha.

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