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Ittiam Systems showcases tech products


Ittiam Systems showcases tech products

Bangalore’s #Ittiam Systems, a global technology company, is showcasing its latest 4K Ultra-HD and Full-HD solutions at #Embedded World at Nuremberg, Germany being held 14-16 Mar 2017.

The highlights are:
Clove: Low-power Full-HD video solutions,
Lime: High-performance 4K Ultra HD (UHD) video solutions,
Clove & Lime system solutions for video streaming, recording and transcoding offer:
Off-the-shelf Multimedia SDKs (adroitSDK) for quick application development,
Optimized, production-ready hardware boards (neonCaster),

4K UHD and Full-HD Video Systems.

Lime enables up to 2160p30 encode & 2160p60 decode. It supports H.264, H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-2 and VP9 codecs. On the other hand, Clove enables 1080p60 H.264 encode/decode, along with a second channel of 1080p30 H.264/H.265 (HEVC) decode. GPU/DSP processing enables rich 2D/3D graphics, pre/post processing, machine vision and analytics algorithms to enable smart streaming, recording and networking. OEMs/ODMs may license Clove/Lime hardware (neonCaster), multimedia SDKs (adroitSDK) or complete systems with or without customizations.

Sheela Prabhakar, Vice President, Ittiam Systems (System Solutions Business), explained, “In 2014, we were ready with Clove, which has seen remarkable success in enterprise, medical, industrial and surveillance. Clove hardware design, video streaming & recording SDKs and system solutions have enabled cutting-edge applications worldwide.

“Now we are ready with Lime, our offering for 4K UHD video. Lime leverages our field-proven solutions and combines them with new-age ‘intelligent’ technologies, enabling context-aware analytics for edge devices.”

Marc Guillaumet, Senior Vice President, Ittiam Systems (Europe Sales), added, “Customers find it extremely beneficial to have off-the-shelf, field-ready hardware and SDKs that allow them an extremely fast time-to-market. It empowers them to target production and shipments within weeks of licensing our system solutions. And the fact that we deliver the best system features and performance only serves as the cherry on top!”

Ittiam Systems provides embedded multimedia solutions for surveillance, enterprise, broadcast, medical, defense & automotive. Ittiam’s codecs, Multimedia SDKs, Hardware, Systems and Turnkey Solutions form a part of millions of units of our customer products.

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