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India in the midst of energy transformative shift

Biofuel focus on waste-to-wealth


Biofuel focus on waste-to-wealth

Pradhan at the EnRich 2019 conference.

Global energy system is transforming at an unprecedented pace and India, too, is in the midst of a major transformative shift in its energy sector, said Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Participating in the ENRich 2019 – KPMG India’s Annual Energy Conclave in Delhi on 6 Nov 2019, he said: “In India we are finding ways to achieve the twin objectives of more energy and less carbon through a healthy mix of all commercially-viable energy sources.

“India will chart its own course of energy transition in a responsible manner.”

Speaking about sustainable growth, Dharmendra said the centrality of energy growth in a sustainable manner is a high priority of the government.

There is unprecedented advancement, on both the demand and supply sides of the equation, as the world and India seek out more benign methods to advance global growth and welfare, he pointed out.

He further said the trajectory to end energy poverty in India, as compared to the rest of the world, would be based on special national circumstances.

“This is more so when the average Indian lives only on a third of the per capita consumption of energy that the United Nations believes is necessary for human well-being.”

Minister said that India’s huge appetite for energy needs will be a driver of global energy demand in coming decades.

Reiterating the Government’s commitment towards building a gas-based economy, he said an estimated investment of US$60 billion is lined up in developing infrastructure, which includes pipelines, city gas distribution and LNG terminals.

He highlighted that the National Biofuel policy which focuses on waste-to-wealth creation and targets to generate various types of biofuels from agriculture residue and municipal waste.

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