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Delhi High Court blocks 30 infringing websites

Dynamic Injunction introduced


Dynamic Injunction introduced

To curb the menace of online piracy and hydra headed Rogue Websites Flagrantly Infringing Online Locations the Delhi High Court has introduced the craft remedy of Dynamic Injunctions and has also blocked over 30 infringing websites.

Dynamic Injunctions allow the copyright owners to approach the Joint Registrar of the court to extend an injunction order already granted against a website to another mirror, redirect, alphanumeric website with the same content of an already blocked website, reported Mumbai-headquartered Nishith Desai Associates in its 3 May 2019 in house bulletin.

The court also recommended the DoT and MEITY to frame a policy to issue warnings using different technology to the consumers watching infringing content.

In the event such warnings are not heeded to, and the viewers/subscribers continue to view/access such pirated/infringing content, then a fine maybe levied on such viewers/subscribers, according to the report.

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