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Data Centre Market to grow at 11.4% CAGR

Govt targets US$100bn investments


Govt targets US$100bn investments


The India data center market size is projected to reach US$1.5 billion by 2022 from US$1.0 billion in 2018, growing CAGR of 11.4% during the forecast period (2018-2022).

To achieve this objective, the government is targeting US$100 billion in investments in the digital communications sector, said an industry report by ResearcchAndMarkets released 6 May 2019.

Major growth factors for the market are deeper internet penetration, increase in digital data traffic, public cloud services, and higher expected growth for IoT.

Also, it is targeting expansion of IoT ecosystem to 5 billion connected devices in India and train more than one million manpower resources for building digital skill.

Indian government policies are conducive for this market’s growth, added the report “India Data Center Market by Component (Electrical, Mechanical, Communication, Security), Model (Captive, Outsourced), Vertical (BFSI, Telecom and ITES, Defense), Trends, Vendor Ecosystem Analysis, and Porters Five Forces Analysis – Forecast to 2022”.

The government has set up objectives in the National Digital Communications Policy in 2018 (NDCP-2018) to boost the Digital India initiative, which needs to be achieved by 2022.

The government vows to provide universal broadband connectivity at 50 Mbps to every citizen, 1 Gbps connectivity to all Gram Panchayats by 2020, and 10 Gbps by 2022 and ensure connectivity to all uncovered areas.

Simultaneously, the government needs to establish a comprehensive data protection regime for digital communications that safeguards the privacy of individuals and secure digital communications infrastructure and services, the report pointed out.

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