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Cobham set to expand business in India

Manufacturing is being considered with partners


Manufacturing is being considered with partners



Cobham plc, the UK’s third biggest defence company, is furthering its business relations with the Indian defence sector.

“We are hoping to put more products on Indian aircraft,” said Greg Bagwell, Head of Business Development and director for Cobham India.

The group had showcased a wide range of products and services at the Land, Naval & Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition, DefExpo event, during 11 – 14 April 2018 in Chennai.

Bagwell also sees Cobham manufacturing a number of products in India.

The group has 10-year old office in New Delhi to support the Indian market.

“We looking to do much of that manufacturing in India,” he said of the ongoing business expansion in the Indian market.

Almost every defence asset is equipped with Cobham component, he pointed out.

Key capabilities:

Cobham is a world leader for the supply of air to air refuelling systems, weapons carriage and release equipment, navigation and communication antennas, SATCOM equipment and slip ring and rotary joint subsystems.

The company is a key supplier to the to the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) programmes.

Our equipment is at the cutting edge of technology and is in use on almost every advanced military aircraft in the world, including the F35 jet from Lockheed Martin, Bagwell pointed out.

Cobham’s family of Advanced Missile Launchers (AML) are designed to be compatible for carriage with most combat aircraft, including LCA Tejas, Hawk and Su-30.

Cobham’s comprehensive range of air to air refuelling systems haven be chosen to equip Boeing KC46, Airbus A330 MRTT, KC135 and KC-10. In addition, Cobham provides bespoke air refuelling solutions for today’s front-line fighters to enable buddy-buddy refuelling capability; this includes the IAF SU-30MKI.

The company also provides the UK military EW and aggressor training.

“We have been the UK’s military helicopter training provider for the last 20 years and now have an international training centre for overseas customers in both basic and advanced techniques,” he said.

Cobham’s exhibits at Chennai included technology such as:
Antenna Systems:
Market-leading supplier of advanced, ultra-reliable integrated systems for avionics, radar, surveillance and Satcom applications and prime designer and manufacturer of high performance microwave antenna solutions for customers large and small worldwide.
Antennas include a UFO and MUOS vehicle mount antenna, the GD2100, a high performance multi-port antenna for VHF and UHF communications, the GD2049, and antennas for Ground-to-Air (including Link16), high gain antennas and vehicle mount antennas.
World leading ground penetrating radar, the AMULET modular detection system, suitable for fitting to a variety of platforms, from small robotic systems and UAV’s to the largest of military vehicles.
Foremost anti-jam GPS System, providing up to 100 times more resilience to jamming for land and air platforms.
Mast Systems:
Leading manufacturer and supplier of lightweight telescopic composite masts. High performance lightweight telescopic masts, designed for a wide range of communications applications.
Mission Systems:
Comprehensive range of weapons carriage and release solutions covering air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities including the Advanced Missile Launcher (AML-014), suitable for carrying an ASRAAM missile on the wingtip of BAE’s Hawk aircraft.
High performance mask mounted regulator and lightweight composite jump bottle with 410 litres of breathable oxygen, the PHANTOM Parachutist Oxygen System, offering unparalleled comfort, oxygen duration, and improved field of view.
Next-generation on-board oxygen generation technology including the latest oxygen concentrator.
Robust and safe mobile aircrew restraint system (MARS), developed and designed to prevent highly mobile aircrew from being ejected during a crash event, hard landing or rough weather when working near open aircraft doors or hatches.

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