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TeamBest plans 1,000 centres in India

“Best Healthcare Uberization” for Russia


“Best Healthcare Uberization” for Russia



TeamBest Companies and Best Cure Foundation (BCF) plan to have at least 1,000 General and Super-Specialty Medical Centers, including Comprehensive Cancer Center, in India by the end of next decade.

The group will use a Hub-and-Spoke Model of Best Healthcare Delivery System – with Express and Mobile Clinics linked to General and Super-Specialty Medical Centers, including Comprehensive Cancer Centers with the Best Optimal Technologies and the most advanced medical technologies.

This was announced in a press release on 3 Nov 2018 by Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Companies and BCF.

Meanwhile, it is launching “Best Healthcare Uberization”, similar to Uber’s efforts to create a Global Taxi Hailing Business under an MoU signed with the Russian Government on 25 Sept 2018.

It aims to accomplish the network across Russia by the end of this decade.

The aim is to lower the cost of Healthcare by 30% or more and improve the Clinical Outcome significantly, thereby reducing the Death and Suffering from Cancer, Cardiac and other Diseases by 50% or more by the end of the next Decade.

In addition, the group aims to manufacturing at least 50% of all Medical Technologies and Products in Russia during the decade.

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