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Hydrogen Peroxide plant launched in Gujarat

Dahej gets advanced Swedish technology


Dahej gets advanced Swedish technology


Indian Peroxide Limited (IPL) has launched a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for producing industrial grade, premium quality and environmental-friendly hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

With best-in-class production process, IPL offers hydrogen peroxide in 35%, 50% and 60% concentration.

Along with new plant complex, IPL plans to invest Rs.750 crore in next 3-5 years including capacity expansion for other chemical units leveraging synergy with the new H2O2 plant.

Production process is based on unique, most advanced and proprietary technology offered by Sweden based EB Nuberg.

Located in industrial hub of Dahej, the manufacturing facility with an annual production capacity of 45,000 tons of hydrogen peroxide started its first commercial delivery on 10 October 2018.

The chemical complex sprawling across 150,000 sqm is one of the biggest hydrogen peroxide manufacturing facilities in India.

The plant aims to serve the increasing local demand primarily for premium quality and high concentration grades of hydrogen peroxide used in demanding applications within the paper & pulp, textile and waste water treatment industries among other applications across different industries.

The plant adheres to world class standards for health, safety and environment (HSE).

With a focus on environment, Indian Peroxide Limited uses the Zero Waste Discharge Process. This process allows recycling of water and chemicals leaving no wastage of liquid in the whole production process.

The chemical produced will be supplied through 35 kg and 50 kg carboys and tanker transport system of 20-25 ton capacity.

The new plant will help India in saving significant part of its hydrogen peroxide import bill. In 2017, India imported about 25% of its total hydrogen peroxide consumption.

“IPL’s new hydrogen peroxide complex is a flagship project for Indian market to support its growing demand for premium quality and environment friendly hydrogen peroxide. With best-in-class engineering and technology, we will set standards in terms of product quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness. The Swedish technology used in the production process ensures high quality H2O2 that will help end users to deliver better quality products to their customers,” said A K Tyagi, Chairman and Managing Director, Indian Peroxide Limited.

Hydrogen peroxide is an aqueous solution and a versatile chemical which is weakly acidic and is colorless. It is highly used as a bleaching and oxidizing agent in Paper & Pulp, Textile, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Electronics Industries. The usage of hydrogen peroxide includes oxidizing, bleaching, chemical synthesis, environmental control/ effluent treatment, sterilization etc.

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