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Hologram technology for Amaravati

Metaverse’s masterplanning solution for AP city


Metaverse’s masterplanning solution for AP city


Gaming and hologram technology could well be used to plan cities of the future, and a Singapore technology company Metaverse Systems will have a chance to use them to plan a new city in India.

This showcase and project is a partnership with Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) with the support of Amaravati Partnership Office (APO) led by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and Enterprise Singapore.

Besides using gamification, Metaverse’s pilot project for the master-planning of Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh’s new capital city, will involve a physical platform powered by hologram technology. This physical platform is to cater to citizens who may not be familiar with or have access to gaming apps on their mobile phones.

A 3D hologram model of Amaravati city is being showcased at the World Cities Summit, held at Marina Bay Sands, from July 8-12.

Metaverse was the only Singapore company selected from the Happy Cities Pitch Competition held by Andhra Pradesh at its Happy Cities Summit in April 2018. Its proposal received special mention for its innovative engagement of citizens through technology.

Metaverse was invited to showcase its solution at the Summit alongside Andhra Pradesh’s booth. The showcase will be made through a 1.6 x 1.6 metre large 3D hologram table. its hologram technology is powered by Autodesk Technologies and Euclideon Unlimited.

Said Aravind Vasu, Metaverse Systems CEO, “With the hologram technology, we can engage citizens beyond games. The interactive hologram platforms can be set up within strategic locations in the city and act as data collection centres for residents to provide their inputs in an accessible and convenient manner.”

Its showcase at the World Cities Summit is an extension of Metaverse’s citizen e-engagement platform that is used to gather citizens’ feedback and inputs to refine the masterplan of a city through gamification, digitalization and the creation of a virtual city and economy.

Added Chinn Lim, industry strategy manager, Autodesk: “A smart city makes use of data and technology to make life better, work easier, access faster and fosters community engagement. With Autodesk InfraWorks as the foundation of the MetaverseCreator, city planners have a data-rich platform to communicate decisions in context so they can meet citizens’ rising expectations, improve resilience, and even attract investment and talent,”

Metaverse is working with APCRDA to to pilot and scale their solutions for use in Amravati and Andhra Pradesh by the end of 2018.

Said Dr. Sreedhar Cherukuri, commissioner APCRDA: “Metaverse places the citizen at the centre of development plans, in line with Amaravati’s vision of a people-centric and a “happy” city.”

Metaverse Systems is part of the The RICE Group of Companies (Millet Holdings Pte Ltd, Millet World Pte Ltd, & Millet Capital Pte Ltd).

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